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S-5! Metal Roofing Attachments

S-5!’s versatile line of aluminum and brass attachment products fit the majority of today’s standing seam and exposed-fastened metal roof profiles, including most structural and architectural profiles.

S-5! clamps and brackets have been extensively laboratory tested on a variety of seam types, profiles, and materials to determine ultimate tensile failure loads. The versatility, simple design, strength, and ample size make the S-5! clamps perfect for snow retention solutions, solar solutions, and utility solutions. S-5! Mini clamps are ideal for solar solutions and other common applications.

Panel & Clamp Matching

SMI 2.0′′ MS (Single Fold / 90°)

S-5-H90 & S-5-H90 Mini

SMI 2.0′′ MS (Double Fold / 180°)

S-5-V & S-5-V Mini

SMI 1.75′′ SnapLock

S-5-S & S-5-S Mini / S-5-V & S-5-V Mini

SMI 1.0′′ FF SnapLock

S-5-N & S-5-N Mini / S-5-S & S-5-S Mini

Note: S-5-U & S-5-U Mini are compatible with all profiles except the SMI 1.0” FF SnapLock and SMI 1.5” FF SnapLock.